Deep Hole Gun Drill Machine

  • 5 axis milling and drilling machine 01 015 axis gun milling and drill tooling machine 01 02

    5 Axis Gun Milling and Drilling Machine

    5-Axis deep hole gun drilling machine is a column moving type gun drilling M/C. Machine’s work table can be classified into a fixed type, a rotary type and a type that can be transferred to front and back.

  • bta drilling system tool 03 03bta drilling system tool 03 01

    BTA Gun Drilling Machine

    BTA gun drilling machines are a column moving type deep-hole drilling machine equipped with the gun-drilling function with a small diameter and the BTA-drilling function with a large diameter or a combination.

  • gun drill center 05 01gun drill center 05 02

    Deep Hole Gun Drill Center

    Our deep hole gun drill center is a 2-spindle gantry type drill center. While each spindle head is individually transferred, it is possible to execute duties at the same time.

  • lathe type bta gun drilling machine 04 01lathe type bta gun drilling machine 04 02

    Lathe Type BTA Gun Drilling Machine

    Lathe type BTA gun drilling machine is a BTA drilling machine mainly used for shafts. It can be classified into a fixed tool with rotating workpiece and a rotating tool with rotating workpiece.

  • multi axis gun drilling machine 02 01multi axis gun drilling machine 02 02

    Multi Axis Gun Drilling Machine

    Our multi-axis gun drill machine is an exclusive 2-4 spindle equipment used for the processing of automobile steering rack bars, other automobile components and air craft parts.

  • special purpose gun drill machine 06 03special purpose gun drill machine f

    Special Purpose Gun Drilling Machine

    Our special purpose gun drill machine is used to engrave notches on the steel roller.

Deep Hole Gun Drilling Tools

  • single flute gun drilling tool

    Single Flute Gun Drilling Tool

    Single Flut Gun Drilling Tools (Brazed Type) can be seen as the advanced and high-efficient deep hole process technology.

  • twin fluted gun drilling tools

    Twin Fluted Gun Drilling Tools

    Twin Fluted Gun Drills Tools can be seen as the advanced and high-efficient deep hole process technology.

  • system BTA 01

    BTA System

    Shin-il BTA System Drilling Process can be seen as the advanced and high-efficient deep hole process technology.

  • solid carbide gun drill dsc 1189

    Solid Carbide Gun Drills

    From the shank to the tip, solid carbide CNC gun drills have full carbide construction, better for cooling liquid flowing.

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Shin-il Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in 1971 and is a specialized manufacturer of special CNC machines with a history of nearly 50 years.
The main products are CNC gun drilling machine (1 spindle, 2 spindle, multi-axis gun drill), BTA tube sheet drilling machine, high speed drill center, portable boring machine which supplied in fields of aerospace, medical, automobile, mold, petrochemical, nuclear power, wind power, heavy industry, construction industry, etc. We have successfully provided thousands of units for our customers.

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