5 Axis Milling and Gun Drilling Machine

Product Description

5 Axis Deep Hole Gun  Drilling Machine Features

This 5-Axis multifunctional machine is a column moving type gun drilling M/C.

SHIN-IL offers the SMGT series to optimize production by allowing the fast and precise deep hole drilling with milling and tapping functions with 5 to 7 axis positioning to perform a range of complex machining in a single machine and work piece set-up.

Our 5-axis milling and drilling machine’s work table can be classified into a fixed type, a rotary type and a type that can be transferred to front and back.

It is suitable for the processing of injection mold manifolder, ejector pinholes of mold, and especially geometry processing with an angle.

Also, this quality axis gun drilling machine can be widely used for the processing of ordinary industrial parts with various shapes.

With a separate built-in high torque and high precision spindle(BT50 quill type) and a separate automatic tool changer(ATC), drilling, light milling, end-milling, and tapping can be accomplished efficiently and consistently using our CNC 5 axis gun drill machines.

Machine Specification (SMGT Series)
TypeRotary Table & Column Move
TravelX 1500-4000 mm
Y 1000-1500 mm
Z 1000-1500 mm Drilling Depth
W 1000-2000 mm
C 360 Degree
Drilling Capacity¢3-¢32mm
Main Spindle Motor5.5/7.5kw
Rotary Table¢1250(¢1500mm)
Coolant Tank1500 gal
CNC SystemFanuc

5 Axis Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machine Specification

This axis deep hole drilling machine’s tilting-Axis is equipped with a high-precision encoder as a rotary shaft, which guarantees accuracy of division accuracy with full cross control. Due to installing precision linear scales in X, Y, Z, – Axes and high accuracy rotary encoders in A, B-Axes, the machine is controlled by dual feedback system that makes high precision positioning and high function of 3D coordinate determination.

5 Axis Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machine Specification

These quality axis deep hole machines can achieve durable and reliable performance for many years. Shin-IL is a professional 5-axis deep hole gun drilling machine manufacturer, CNC deep hole drilling machine factory, our machines are based on advanced and capable technology, which can conduct gun drilling with high efficiency and accuracy.

Company Profile

  • Factory Size: 1899.46㎡
  • Total Employees: 46 people
  • No. of Production Lines: 3
  • Annual Output Value: Above US$30 Million

Shin-il Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1971 and is a specialized manufacturer of special CNC machines with a history of nearly 50 years.

The main products are CNC gun drilling machine (1 spindle, 2 spindle, multi-axis gun drill), BTA tube sheet drilling machine, high speed drill center, portable boring machine which supplied in fields of aerospace, medical, automobile, mold, petrochemical, nuclear power, wind power, heavy industry, construction industry etc. We have successfully provided thousands of units for our customers.

Shin-il Stark Machinery (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of deep hole drilling tools and is located in Suzhou.

The main products are cutting tools required for deep hole making,  such as brazed type gun drill, twin fluted gun drill, solid carbide gun drill and BTA tools.

Based on decades of manufacturing and application of deep hole drilling machines and deep hole making tools, Shin-il Stark have adopted European 5-axis tool grinder and German advanced manufacturing technology to provide customers total solutions for deep hole machines, deep hole making and deep hole machining application technology support.

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