Gun Drilling Machine

Shin-il’s axis gun drilling machine and BTA products conduct gun drilling with high efficiency and accuracy. Gun drill products contain industrial parts with various shapes to die and mold or other deep hole processing fields.

  • 5 axis milling and drilling machine 01 01

    5 Axis Milling and Gun Drilling Machine

    This 5-Axis multifunctional machine is a column moving type gun drilling M/C. Machine’s work table can be classified into a fixed type, a rotary type and a type that can be transferred to front and back.

  • bta drilling system tool 03 03

    BTA + Gun Drilling Machine

    This BTA drilling machine is a column moving type deep-hole drilling machine equipped with the gun-drilling function with a small diameter and the BTA-drilling function with a large diameter or a combination.

  • gun drill center 05 01

    Drill Center

    Our drill center is 2-spindle gantry type drill center. While each spindle head is individually transferred, it is possible to execute duties at the same time.

  • lathe type bta gun drilling machine 04 01

    Lathe Type BTA Drilling Machine

    Lathe type BTA drilling machine is a BTA drilling machine mainly used for shafts. It can be classified into a fixed tool with rotating workpiece and a rotating tool with rotating workpiece.

  • multi axis gun drilling machine 02 01

    Multi Axis Gun Drilling Machine

    Our multi-axis gun drill machine is an exclusive 2-4 spindle equipment used for the processing of automobile steering rack bars, other automobile components and air craft parts.

  • special purpose gun drill machine 06 03

    Special Purpose Drilling Machine

    Our special purpose gun drill machine is used to engrave notches on the steel roller.

About us

  • Year Established: 1971
  • Factory Size: 1899.46㎡
  • Total Employees: 46 people
  • No. of Production Lines: 3
  • Patents: 5
  • Annual Output Value: Above US$30 Million

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