How to choose single flute gun drills plant?

CNC deep hole gun drilling tools machinery factory’s main products are special CNC tools (hard alloy non-standard tools), which can meet the drilling needs of aerospace, medical, automotive, mold, petrochemical and other fields. The experienced CNC deep hole gun drilling tools machinery factory is based on decades of deep hole drilling tool manufacturing application experience, can provide you with scientific system solutions and technical support.

single flut gun drill 06

The high quality single flute gun drill machine produced by the single flute gun drills plant is made by welding the drill bit, the drill pipe and the drive. The drill tip is usually made of a carbide material and is connected to the heat treated drill tube by brazing, and then brazed with a precisely ground driver. First-class manufacturers and suppliers can customize the length of the item according to the specific needs of the customer to ensure The process is efficient and safe.

Twin fluted gun drill tooling meets all the requirements of state-of-the-art deep-space machining technology. From the handle to the tip, the premium twin fluted gun drill tooling is made of a fully hard alloy structure for better coolant flow and Comes with high strength and rigidity. Drills produced in accordance with international standards can provide higher penetration rates than conventional gun drills, and have a much longer service life than ordinary gun drills, allowing you to maximize your capital investment.

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