How to make good use of gun drill tools?

The twin fluted deep hole gun drills can be seen as an advanced and efficient deep hole process technology. It has a full hard alloy structure that facilitates better flow of coolant and provides high strength and rigidity. The twin fluted deep hole gun drill bit is a solid carbide drill bit that is brazed to a heat treated pipe and is mounted and brazed to a hardened steel drive to meet international standards.

bta drilling system tool 03 01

BTA system tube manufacturers can provide bits of specific diameter and length to meet the different needs of customers. Normally, gun drills and BTA drills are designed for deep hole drilling. The lathe type BTA gun drilling tools is a BTA drilling machine mainly used for shafts.

The lathe type BTA gun drilling tool is suitable for fuel rails, wind rotor shafts, industrial missing, marine engine parts, piston rod processing, and has strong durability and reliability. It is based on advanced technology and can drill holes efficiently and accurately.

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