Solid Carbide Gun Drills

Product Description

Solid carbide gun drills can be seen as the advanced and high-efficient deep hole process technology. From the shank to the tip, our quality carbide CNC gun drills  have full carbide construction, which is good for cooling liquid flowing better, and brings high strength and rigidity. Shin-IL is a professional solid carbide gun drill manufacturer, CNC deep hole making tools factory, our drills have strong centering ability, stable dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.

Solid Carbide Gun Drill Specification

Our solid carbide flute drills feature with great rigidity and can reduce torsional vibrations, which ensure the products’ long expectancy. They can be used for the processing of common materials, such as structural steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, ductile iron, non-ferrous metal. The solid carbide range of drills are available from 8mm to 45.0mm for drilling holes from 50.0mm to 350.0mm in a single pass. If you require specific diameters and lengths, we can offer other fractional diameters. Buy low price carbide single flute gun drills, CNC carbide deep hole gun drills, Shin-IL can provide you the best gun drills with excellent performance and reliability.

Advantages of solid carbide gun drill

1. Very small deep holes can be processed
2. The high rigidity of the solid type gun drill can minimize the eccentricity of the hole.
3. Kidney shape of cooling hole is advantageous for supply of cutting oil.
4. Cutting speed is faster than brazed type gun drill.

Our wholesale solid carbide gun drills are manufactured to international standards. They can provide greater penetration rates than conventional gun drills. We are China solid carbide gun drill, deep hole gun drilling machine supplier and wholesaler, offer you durable solid flute gun drills and cheap solid carbide gun drills.


Company Profile

  • Factory Size: 1899.46㎡
  • Total Employees: 46 people
  • No. of Production Lines: 3
  • Annual Output Value: Above US$30 Million

Shin-il Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 1971 and is a specialized manufacturer of special CNC machines with a history of nearly 50 years.

The main products are CNC gun drilling machine (1 spindle, 2 spindle, multi-axis gun drill), BTA tube sheet drilling machine, high speed drill center, portable boring machine which supplied in fields of aerospace, medical, automobile, mold, petrochemical, nuclear power, wind power, heavy industry, construction industry etc. We have successfully provided thousands of units for our customers.

Shin-il Stark Machinery (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of deep hole drilling tools and is located in Suzhou.

The main products are cutting tools required for deep hole making,  such as brazed type gun drill, twin fluted gun drill, solid carbide gun drill and BTA tools.

Based on decades of manufacturing and application of deep hole drilling machines and deep hole making tools, Shin-il Stark have adopted European 5-axis tool grinder and German advanced manufacturing technology to provide customers total solutions for deep hole machines, deep hole making and deep hole machining application technology support.

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