What advanced tools are there for BTA brazed type gun drill plant?

The special gun drills produced by special purpose drill machine plant can process a variety of materials, including cemented carbide, CBN, PCBN and so on. At the same time, it can meet the shape cutting requirements of various materials, such as side, diagonal zigzag, cross, etc., including some special purposes, special purpose drill machine plant can also meet your needs.

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The single flut gun drill machine with brazed type produced by BTA brazed type gun drill plant is made by welding drill bit, drill pipe and driver, which can be accurately brazed. The first-class BTA brazed type gun drill plant is manufactured in strict accordance with international standards and can meet the operational needs of various lathes and CNC machining centers, and is economical and reliable.

Twin fluted gun drill tooling wholesale takes into account whether the gun drills supplied by the supplier are manufactured to international standards and have advantages in terms of penetration. The high-quality flute gun drill uses a full-hard alloy structure to facilitate better coolant flow and is far superior to conventional gun drills in terms of high strength and rigidity. The wholesale of such flute gun drills can ensure the efficiency and safety of the work, and ensure the quality of the materials.

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