What are advantages of BTA Gun Drilling Tools?

The BTA drilling system tool is a deep hole rig designed and manufactured to maximize the performance of BTA and related tools to drill deep, precise holes in virtually any material.

BTA system drilling process technology is often favored by manufacturers of various automobiles, such as aircraft, and ships. It allows manufacturers to flush through the center of gravity of the BTA tool and remove chips from the drill pipe and machine spindle during drilling. The hole surface processed by the BTA system drilling process technology is smooth, and the creation of the hole can be completed at one time, thereby avoiding the need of secondary processing operations.

system BTA 03

The machines in the lathe type BTA gun drilling tools are based on proven technology and can usually be configured according to the size and shape of the workpiece, the required productivity and accuracy specifications. Based on the above technology, the lathe type BTA gun drilling tool can efficiently handle deep hole drilling applications.

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