What are the good equipment for CNC solid fluted gun drill factory?

The single flut gun drilling tools manufactured by twin fluted drilling system factory meet the processing requirements of the most advanced deep hole technology. The high-quality flute gun drill uses a full hard alloy structure to facilitate better coolant flow. The professional twin fluted drilling system factory can guarantee the high rigidity and high strength of the machine equipment, and play the biggest role in the work process to ensure the safe and efficient implementation process.

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The BTA solid carbide gun drilling machine has a long service life and can be used continuously and continuously. BTA solid carbide gun drilling machine is suitable for processing a variety of materials, such as structural steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron, ductile iron, non-ferrous metal. The powerful centering ability of the drill bit can also guarantee the scale for you. The precision and quality of the processed materials are good.

The qualified CNC solid fluted gun drill factory can provide you with the single flut gun drilling tools produced according to international standards. They are suitable for general lathes or CNC machining centers, and excellent drilling straightness and roughness for excellent regrind work. The CNC solid fluted gun drill has a maximum length of 5000 mm and the length of the tool can be customized to your needs. The economical gun drill is worth your purchase. 

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