What are the practical tools of brazed gun drill plant?

Advanced and efficient deep hole processing technology requires professional twin fluted gun drill tools. Therefore, when solid gun drill head wholesale, the requirements for tool selection are naturally high. The high-quality flute gun drill is made according to international standards and can provide you with higher penetration rate than traditional gun drill. The full hard alloy structure is more conducive to coolant flow. For solid gun drill head wholesale, you should choose a qualified manufacturer’s wholesaler to work together to ensure you get a durable gun drill.

cnc bta drilling machine new

The single flut gun drill machine produced by brazed type gun drill plant can be applied to ordinary lathes or CNC machining centers. The high cutting performance and safety can not only improve the efficiency of the factory, but also ensure the simple and safe operation. The high-quality brazed type gun drill plant produces gun drills in strict accordance with international standards, ensuring that they have excellent bore flatness and are easy to regrind.

Multi axis gun drilling machinery has 2-4 spindle equipment for machining automotive steering racks, other automotive parts and aircraft parts. The fully automated design saves a lot of manual processes and costs greatly improves efficiency and ensures safe operation.

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