What is the configuration of axis gun drilling machine for automobile?

BTA solid carbide gun drilling machine is a deep hole processing equipment with high production efficiency and good processing quality. BTA solid carbide gun drilling machine drill bit with carbide inserts can meet the processing requirements of hard materials and high strength parts. All the chips are discharged from the inside of the drill pipe during the drilling process, and the surface of the hole wall is not scratched, which can ensure the empty finish.

axis gun milling and drill tooling machine

The axis gun drilling machine for automobile is equipped with an exclusive 2-4 spindle for machining automotive steering racks and other automotive and aircraft assembly parts. The excellent axis gun drilling machine for automobile has an automatic loading system and clamping system. The fully automatic cycle working mode allows unattended operation and saves a lot of labor costs. The state-of-the-art machine is based on advanced technology and can be used for high-efficiency and precise drilling.

The cnc one fluted gun drill tip meets all the processing needs of the most advanced deep hole machining technology. Gun drills made of carbide materials can be used in a variety of machining processes. The high-quality single flute rigs are all produced in accordance with international standards, ensuring high quality and ensuring safe and efficient construction.

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