What is Typical Gun Drill?

Gun drill is the oldest and most widely used deep hole drilling method in the industry. A typical gun drill consists of three parts, a carbide tip, a heat treated alloy shank and a steel drive. These three parts are usually brazed together by silver. Professional brazed type gun drill plant can provide professional gun drilling tools.

multi axis gun drilling machine

The CNC one flute gun drill uses this type of welding and is a three-piece construction drill. It is designed to drill extra deep holes in the CNC machining center without the need of special gun drilling equipment. The CNC one flute gun drill is a precision deep hole drill with a single ultra-free grained carbide fluted structure that is ideal for the job shop environment.

The multi axis gun drilling machinery is a unique 2-4 spindle machine that is suitable for machining deep holes on a variety of specific workpieces and can be widely used in the gun industry. Thanks to the automatic loading system and the automatic loading system, the multi axis gun drilling machinery can be fully automated and allows unattended operation.

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