What kind of tools can be used to produce deep holes?

There are two main types of tools for producing deep holes, gun drillings and BTA drillings. The requirements of these tools determine the design and system of the deep hole drilling machine in which they are used. In some cases, the BTA and gun drilling processes can be combined with coolant and tool conversion technology in one machine.

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Gun drilling tools are divided into twin fluted gun drill tooling and single flute gun drills tools. Twin fluted gun drill tooling can be considered as an advanced and efficient deep hole machining technology with higher penetration than conventional guns. Single flute gun drills tools are available from the professional single flute gun drills plant at a great price and custom size.

The BTA drilling produced by BTA drilling system manufacturer is another tool for deep holes. Because a separate drill pipe is used for the BTA tool, the BTA is sometimes also drilled into an STS (single pipe system). The lathe type BTA drilling machine is a BTA drilling machine mainly used for shafts. It is suitable for fuel rails, wind rotor shafts, industrial parts, marine engine parts, piston rod machining.

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