What kind of twin fluted gun drilling system factory is trustworthy

The twin fluted gun drills tools from the twin fluted gun drilling system factory are made of a fully hard alloy structure with high strength and high rigidity to facilitate better coolant flow. The state-of-the-art twin fluted gun drilling system factory produces gun drill tools in accordance with international standards, providing higher penetration rates than conventional gun drills. Due to the small gap between the drill and the chip, even materials that are easily chipped can be processed very well.

solid carbide gun drill DSC0208

The solid carbide gun drills plant guarantees the high rigidity of solid carbide gun drills, which can reduce the torsional vibration and ensure long-term repeated use. The professional solid carbide gun drills plant is equipped with a drill bit with a strong centering capability to ensure dimensional accuracy and the surface quality of the machined material. Drills range from 8mm to 45.0mm and can pass through 50.0mm to 350.0mm holes at a time. Of course, you can also customize according to your specific needs.

The cnc drilling system BTA is one of the most advanced and efficient deep hole machining technologies available today, meeting all the needs of deep hole machining applications. The high speed of the cutting fluid in the qualified gun drilling system ensures that the chips are transported through the tube without interference. Since the chip removal is internal, no grooves are required in the rod, so the cross section can be made completely round, which provides a higher stiffness than conventional gun drilling systems.

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