What materials can lathe type BTA drilling machine process?

The ejector drilling system supplier offers the most advanced and efficient BTA System Drilling Process for all your deep hole machining applications. The BTA drilling tools manufactured by the state-of-the-art ejector drilling system supplier are manufactured to international standards and offer higher penetration rates than conventional gun drills. Qualified drills have greater centering capabilities, precise dimensions, and smaller bore deviations to maintain material quality.

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The lathe type BTA drilling machine is capable of drilling holes with high efficiency and precision. It is generally divided into fixed tools with rotating workpieces and rotary tools with rotating workpieces. It is suitable for fuel rails, wind rotor shafts, industrial parts, marine engine parts, Processing of the piston rod. The high quality lathe type BTA drilling machine can be customized according to the specific needs of the market in different applications, providing you with the best solution.

The special purpose gun drill machine manufactured by special purpose deep hole machine suppliers can meet the processing needs of various materials. Drilling with portable drilling M/C, you can always match your processing needs. The drilling range and the outer diameter length can be customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your machining process is efficient and safe.

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