What services can ejector drilling system manufacturer provide for you?

BTA Solid Carbide gun drilling machine

In the market, professional CNC machine tool manufacturers mainly produce BTA solid carbide gun drilling machine, welding gun drill, double groove gun drill, solid carbide gun drill, etc., which can meet aerospace, medical, automotive. The needs of many fields such as molds and petrochemicals are deeply cultivated in many industries such as nuclear power, wind power, heavy industry and construction industry, and can provide customers with professional and durable mechanical equipment.

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CNC One Flute Gundrill

CNC one flute gun drill is an advanced and efficient deep hole machining technology for turning lathes or CNC machining centers. The professional CNC one flue gun drill manufacturer guarantees that their products are monitored by international standards and perform better. The single-lot deep hole drill has a maximum length of 5000 mm, but the tool length can be customized according to customer requirements. The reliable CNC one flute gun drill manufacturer allows you to get more and better equipments and services at the least price.

Ejector Drilling System

BTA drilling tools manufactured to international standards can be better applied to deep hole drilling systems. The professional ejector drilling system manufacturer provides drilling tools with a strong centering capability and a more precise size than traditional tools. BTA drilling tools are often use in industrial projects, and there is inevitably friction loss. The ejector drilling system manufacturer can provide you with economical and durable equipment, so that your capital investment can get the most benefit.

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