What technologies can be realized by hole drilling machine factory?

BTA gun drill processing system supplier is committed to producing all the equipment needed to meet deep hole drilling systems. The so-called deep hole processing is a hole in which the ratio of the length of the hole to the diameter of the hole is larger than 5. Deep hole processing Generally, the deep hole has a depth to diameter ratio of L/d  100, which is extremely high in terms of accuracy and surface quality, and machinability of the material to be processed. The state-of-the-art BTA gun drill processing system supplier produces drills in accordance with international standards, providing higher penetration and centering capabilities than conventional gun drills and is very reliable for you.

solid carbide gun drill dsc 1189

The high-quality solid carbide flute drills from cnc carbide gun drill tool factory can process very small deep holes, but it can minimize the hole eccentricity and meet your processing requirements with high standards. In terms of cutting speed, it is also much faster than the brazed gun drill. The solid carbide flute drills of the fully carbonized structure are beneficial to the better flow of the coolant, and at the same time facilitate the supply of cutting oil, and can effectively ensure the processing effect.

The hole drilling machine factory’s gun drills enable the use of carbide drills (used with HSS drills) for advanced or intermediate cutting operations, and the drilling time is significantly lower than before. The state-of-the-art drilling tools from the first-class hole drilling machine factory are equipped with other convenient equipment such as chip conveyors and cutting oil supply units to continuously perform high-efficiency and high-precision machining.

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