What useful equipment can CNC deep hole making tools factory provide?

CNC deep hole making tools factory provides services for many industries, including nuclear power, wind power, heavy industry, construction industry etc., and deep cultivation of aerospace, medical, automotive, mold, petrochemical and other fields for many years. The CNC gun drilling machine (1 spindle, 2spindle, multi-axis gun drill), BTA tube sheet drilling machine, high speed drill center, portable boring machine can meet the production needs of many enterprises.

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The axis gun milling and drilling machine is a new advanced deep hole machining for fast and precise deep hole drilling. The axis gun milling and drilling machine features 5 to 7 axis positioning milling and tapping capabilities to perform a range of complex machining in a single machine and workspace setup.

The BTA gun rig is a column-type mobile deep hole drilling machine with a small diameter gun drill function and a large diameter or combined BTA drilling function. CNC BTA drilling machine suppliers offer BTA deep hole drilling machines, so drilling can be performed regardless of the weight and shape of the workpiece. It is suitable for processing heat exchanger tube sheets, marine engine parts, large molds, hydraulics and structures and chemistry. The components of the device. The high-quality CNC BTA drilling machine suppliers provide equipment with higher precision and strength than traditional processing equipment. These high-quality BTA machines can achieve long-lasting and reliable performance.

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