Why do you need a Gun Drill Tool?

There are many places where deep holes need to be machined, such as in the automotive industry, aircraft shipbuilding and machine tool manufacturing industries. These industries have strict requirements on the depth and diameter of the hole. In this case, the choice of a professional CNC gun drill tools machinery factory is particularly important.

BTA drilling system 05

The gun drill tools produced by professional BTA drilling system manufacturers are very strict in terms of precision. Such gun drilling tools often have advantages in the processing of high precision parts. Good BTA drilling system manufacturers also customize gun drill tools of different diameters and depths according to customer needs to meet different processing needs.

Professional deep hole drilling tools machines can create high-depth, low-diameter holes in metal workpieces using long, thin cutting tools. It supplies coolant through small holes in the tool and removes chips through grooves in the outside of the tool. In addition, deep hole drilling tooling machines use solid carbide drills to improve drilling speed and ensure time and quality.

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