Why is the drilling system BTA popular?

The CNC drilling system BTA is a deep hole drilling process that uses specialized drilling tools on long drill rods to efficiently machine deep metal holes. CNC drilling system BTA is the most efficient way to drill deep holes. It is cleaner, more reliable, more capable than conventional twist drills, and can achieve larger diameters and higher feed rates than conventional drill holes.

system BTA 01

BTA drilling system manufacturers can design complex systems for performing high-precision parts of BTA and related processes to create extremely deep holes with minimal error. It can also provide customers with a quality drilling system BTA, including a lathe type BTA drilling machine.

The lathe type BTA drilling machine can be divided in tp fixed tools and rotating tools with a rotating workpiece for reliable performance, suitable for the processing of fuel rails, wind motor shafts and piston rods. In addition, it has a strong centering ability, dimensional accuracy and quality.

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